How Your Legal Team Can Avoid a Congressional Hearing

Many of us have watched Mr. Zuckerberg in the hot seat during the Congressional hearing regarding Cambridge Analytica. Or how about big pharma companies who dramatically raise their prices placing undue financial burdens on people who face life and death situations.

Lesson 1

Security and customer privacy should be the responsibility of EVERYONE. What would happen if your credit card processing or a slip in your supply chain was the victim of cyber security – would you be hauled into court? Regardless it will do long-term damage to your customer’s trust and damage your brand. Ensure your “crown jewels” of data and information stay safe and secure.

Lesson 2

Get involved in establishing statutory standards for your industry. With the recent data breaches, California and now Ohio are placing statewide standards in place to ensure data breaches now face legal accountability. Are there similar types of standards being set for your industry – if so find out how you can get involved to help establish the statutes to get in front of it. There is already pushback from the California laws (which doesn’t go into effect until 2020).

Lesson 3

Reach out to those in the know. Do you have a direct line to your Senators and Congressperson? Do you have an ear to the ground on hot issues that may pull you into testify? The better relationship you have the committees and rule-makers you will build and advocate vs. an enemy. But most of all just play by the rules.

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