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With the click of a button, we can do business with anyone around the world. However, until we have one common language, there is a need to translate documents and media. Since 1956 Nelles Translations has provided a cost-effective process for communicating with the world. We have built a well earned reputation for understanding our client’s needs and for providing high quality language translations to and from English. Our translating experience includes a simple one page text to very complex technical patents.

IP-Patents, Litigation etc.

We have helped our clients translate extremely technical documents. We are known for our attention to detail.

Compliance & Regulatory Affairs

Let us ease some of the burdens of helping your clients manage the overwhelming task of staying current with the latest regulations .

Employment & Vendor Documents

Don’t get bogged down with managing translations for your vendors or employment activities. Our seasoned experts can provide the help you need.


Regardless of a one-page document or 100’s we can provide a quick turn-around for your contracts or property transactions.


Now more than ever are clients in need of ensuring security and compliance are in place to ensure they are not at risk for penalties.


We’ve handled numerous interpreting projects in many instances with tight turn-around time.


As they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Our editing team is top notch a adding translated voice an on-screen text to your video content.


This is an example of converting a product information video from English to Spanish

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