Ready to Answer Your Questions

How long will it take to recieve my translation?

This will vary depending upon the language, size of the document and the needs of the client. It is usually only a few days for the average document.

What does it costs?

Cost is determined by the specific language and if graphics have to be replicated. If a document needs to be rushed, there is NO up-charge for this service.

I would like to convert my English training exercises. How can you assist?

There are various service levels available to convert your tutorials. Text translation along with audio and video narration skills we have developed

How can I request a quote?

Send your document by fax, email or click on the quote tab.

What does it costs?

My document is complex. Can you handle this type of document?

For 65 years we have worked diligently and professionally to please all of our customers. 

I want to publish the translated document. Can you provide this service?

We can provide a complete turnkey product for our clients.